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During our tenant screening process for possible Ottawa tenants, we make every attempt to thoroughly screen prospective tenants by acquiring and verifying a multitude of information. This way we are confident that the potential tenant is a good fit for your property.

Once you have chosen Rest Easy Property Management, know that the rest is actually easy! We are here to find you potential tenants who are the right match. We value your property and we make sure that you get the right amount of rent and retain the value of the property.

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Parts of our process include:

One of the important aspects of tenant screening includes verifying documents. We verify tenants with their current or previous landlords, check with their employment organization and also obtain an evidence of their bank account during our tenant screening service in Ottawa. We will try to know that you will not have any problem in receiving rent on a monthly basis.

We are here to ensure that property owners have a healthy relationship with their tenants. In order to avoid things turning sour, we always suggest property owners properly spell out the terms of the lease before they rent out the house.

We also provide a wide range of services such as property advertising, lease preparation and signing, tenant conflict resolution, 24-hour emergency response and more.

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Finding a quality tenant that not only has a proven track record of being credit worthy but who is also well positioned situationally to be a long term tenant is paramount to running an efficient investment property. At Rest Easy, we know that you want a tenant as soon as possible, but you want to avoid turn over. We can help you with your tenant screening in Ottawa, contact us today!

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