Property Management Rates

Property Management Fees are calculated as a percentage of the gross rents per month and the number of units we manage for each client.

In addition, there is a one time tenant finding fee of 100% of the first month's rent.

Number of Units:
1 - 6
7 - 15

Rate (%)
6.5 %
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The more properties you have under contract with us, the more you save! Our rates are incredibly low to begin with but are amazingly low if you have multiple properties assigned to us.

Moreover, we do not burden you with hidden or unexpected fees. We offer in house contractors to handle many of the maintenance issues at very affordable rates and have a long list of trusted resources available for more complex issues.

Available Properties

Replacing/finding tenants comes at a cost of 100% of one month's rent. This cost covers all expenses related to advertising, screening, and lease preparation/signing. If the tenant continues to rent the unit for year after year, you will not incur this cost a second time. Once a tenant vacates the property, this fee will apply again for finding a new tenant.

On top of these great low cost features, we will not charge you a monthly management fee while your property is vacant! This guarantees you that the only time you will pay a monthly management fee to us will be when you have a tenant under lease to pay rent. For example, if your existing tenant vacates on July 15th and a new tenant is found during July but is not moving in until September 1st, you would pay the monthly fee for June but not for July or August. Monthly fees would resume in September.

Compare our rates and features to our competitors although you may have a difficult time doing so with most companies not clearly and openly displaying their rates and features on their websites. We believe in transparency in our rates and our services. It's by keeping clients happy that we continue to grow and succeed!

What is included in my Tenant Finding fee?

We will visit the property (prior to listing) and conduct a walkthrough to identify any potential areas of concern or that prospective tenants may enquire about. 

While there’s no expectation that you’ll acquiesce to every possible detail that could be addressed, it’s important to point them out and discuss them so that we can advise prospective tenants of what to expect and what not to expect, thus avoiding unexpected requests post move in. 

We will take accurate notes, measurements, and photos so we can prepare a high quality ad text, which will be given the opportunity to review and suggest changes if you wish.

We will conduct pricing research and will give you our professional opinion on what listing price we believe you should start at. That being said, we allow our clients to make the final decision on pricing.

We post your ads on many different websites, many of them being paid premium websites, whose costs we absorb and which are included in the tenant finding fee. 

We field and screen calls and emails (in real time, 24/7) from interested candidates and schedule them for viewings and handle notifying existing tenants of viewing blocks.

We provide you regular feedback regarding the level of response your listing is receiving and offer strategic advice if we feel pricing adjustments or other changes may be warranted.

We conduct the viewings (on weekdays AND weekends) and take note of any red flags, reporting them to you if/when viewers subsequent choose to apply.

We follow up with viewers post viewing to see if they have any interest, feedback, or questions and walk them through our convenient application process.

We collect income verification documents,  run credit checks (which we pay for inclusive of the tenant finding fee), and contact landlord references.

We report to you regarding any incoming applications, giving you the details on what we know about each applicant and their source documents, giving you as much detail as possible to help you make a decision when deciding upon a given applicant.

We prepare the lease (and provide to you for review) and manage applicant signing and collection of their deposit, identification.

We follow with the successful applicants to ensure they have acquired (and provided proof of) tenant insurance and the switching of utilities into their names prior to move in.

We schedule professional cleaning and carpet cleaning (owners pay for the actual cost of cleaning) and ensure that new tenants are moving into a clean and empty property. 

We meet with the newer tenants upon move in and conduct the entry walkthrough inspection, taking note of the baseline condition of the property, as well as, noting and listing any pre-existing deficiencies.

We report to you on the outcome of the move in walkthrough and any questions or concerns that the new tenant may have.

What is included in my management fee?

The monthly management fee includes the following:

We become the full point of contact for the tenant and handle all communication with them.

We handle rent collection (and pursuit of tenants that are late with rent payments) and disbursement of rent proceeds into our clients’ accounts.

We keep you up to date on issues as they are reported or observed and advise you on our suggested solutions. 

We project manage all maintenance issues into completion by scheduling contractor appointments, confirming tenant availability, following up on status of the work, paying and scanning individual work invoices.

We will send you monthly and annual statements that help you to keep track of what has been done and at what cost.

We will conduct (and report to you) detailed inspections upon move in, annually, upon receiving 2 month’s notice from your tenant of their departure, and, again, upon their final exit.

We assist in offering strategic advise for our clients should they wish to reoccupy or sell their property and help them to navigate the provincial laws related to these actions.

We assist in resolving tenant and neighbour conflicts by offering strategic advice and solutions. 

We assist in arranging, scheduling, and project managing various services that may be needed such as house cleaning and carpet cleaning between tenants, as well as, snow clearing and lawn cutting, where applicable. 

We are always reachable in real time during business hours to answer your questions or concerns.

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