Do you have a property for rent in Ottawa?
Here are the services we offer.

We offer a streamlined property management experience focused on efficiency and clarity in communication.
Here’s what makes our rental property management exceptional:


Our comprehensive and thorough tenant screening process allows us to reach the most qualified and well suited candidates for our clients. Clients have the final say in all tenant applications. We do all the leg work (screening, scheduling/conducting viewings, following up, vetting applicants, gathering income verification, contacting landlord references, and running credit checks, etc) and give you complete and accurate information upon which to base your application decisions.

Maintenance of Properties

Our in-house general contractors are available at very competitive rates to promptly address repairs and to maintain your property’s condition. For more complex issues, we collaborate with a wide network of skilled and trusted professionals to address more significant maintenance needs. Clients are also able to choose their own choice of vendors if they prefer.

Property Advertising

We use professional advertising techniques to attract ideal tenants quickly. Our approach includes utilizing proven marketing tools and platforms, as well as access to several premium advertising sites (included in your tenant finding fee), reinforcing our status as a leading Ottawa property management company.

Lease Preparation & Signing

We handle all preparation of lease documentation with precision and detail to help protect your interests. Our professional property management team also helps to identify any additional details that should be identified, negotiated, and clarified before a lease is signed.

24-Hour Emergency Response

As dedicated property management professionals, we provide a 24-hour emergency response service to address urgent property issues, ensuring peace of mind for both property owners and tenants.

Tenant Conflict Resolution

Our team efficiently resolves tenant conflicts, striving for outcomes that satisfy all parties. When difficult situations arise, we are a calm, competent, and steadying presence that has the experience necessary to help effectively negotiate and execute solutions. This service is integral to our comprehensive home rental management offerings.

Rental Tribunal Coordination

Though navigating the Rental Tribunal process can be complex, our expert guidance ensures you are well-equipped to handle LTB notices, applications, and hearings effectively. We offer strategic advice and access to 3rd party paralegals, should they be required.

Record Keeping

We meticulously maintain records of all property-related activities, including monthly and annual statements, invoice copies, and communication records, crucial for successful property management in Ottawa.

Property Inspections

We conduct detailed inspections of our clients properties upon move in, annually, upon receiving a tenant’s 2 month’s notice, and again at final move out. We take note of any observable deficiencies (with photos) and report any issues, concerns, requests, or questions your tenant may have.

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